VXMM AИOOIᎮƎ⅃ artistic work

Hail to the reader!

I’ve noticed that people yell Jarkko when they address me. It was year 1981 when this vessel I inhabit was doomed to this cold world with grim end. This text I type is meant to open my work as an artist. Visual art has followed me like a tick throughout my life and in just few years back I realised the potential of my youth as Sampo of inspiration. Work I do as an artist channels time from early 90’s when I was a teenager. Teenager who was disgusted by the stupidity of the masses and wanted to escape from reality as we know it. I was drawn to visual art, extreme metal and fantasy worlds e.g. world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

Early 90′ in Joensuu.

Finland was in economic depression and that meant financial crisis on personal level for many citizens in Joensuu. People were fired or laid off from work and that affected life in homes. This caused a chain effect (with other variables) that ultimately manifested as neo-nazi uprising. Idiocy grew and grew. Many of us (who didn’t get into the bandwagon) were in constant threat of getting beated at night. Since we were teenagers ofcourse we had to get to the centre. Time was …enticing. At that time there was also news from all over Scandinavia of murder and church burning that was linked to that extreme music I listened. That extreme music gave me strength to hope that this all can end. At that time (or was it earlier) I also hated the hypocrisy of christianity. So there we go. Even when these events caused so many vile memories, it also reminds me of time that will change for the better. That period of time allows many emotions to surface and most of my work is based on these emotions. Emotions that I rationalize and present to others.

2011 in Tampere

Year after I graduated as bachelor of fine arts I moved to Tampere. Lived as a free artist and tried to figure out what the hell I should do with my life. Employment office and other sources wanted to convince me getting a day job. Tried that and it didn’t work out. At this time I figured out that I need to be active and think about what I can give others as an artist. Not just pretty pictures (tried that too, painted cats). Art without any concept didn’t feel right. So I wondered what makes me any different from other visual artists I meet. Without telling it in detail I started to illustrate and open my own life. 90’s was just one pivotal time in my life. So at this moment I use that as my inspirational source. In the future that may change and maybe I should use other pseudonym for that. Speaking of pseudonyms.


Eng. Legion. I started to sign my work with this name in 2013 and the point in using different name is to create a visual image in mind of a different person. An alter ego that looks things in a different light. In short Legioona hates you as a species and revels in decadence of this civilization that screams out ’Me! Me! Me! Gimme!’. Reason to pick this specific name is from the story in bible and the occult. Legion is a demon, that swallows you if you get too close and you’ll become part of Legion. Legion is plague.


Legioona is not Jarkko. Legioona is. We are Legion.

Here is link to my work. There is some old stuff in there too for reference.