Harha in English

Taideyhdistys Harha is an art society in Joensuu. Harha is a combination of different artists and friends of art who want to establish interesting and confusing art that appeals to your feelings and thoughts. Harha is quite new in the field of art in North Karelia, it was established in 2005. Society was created to give you a new idea what is art and how it is brought to people. Members of Harha meet regularly on thursdays.

Information for artists

If you have an imaginative idea concerning art, these are the people to do it with! If you’re interested in joining our society, you’re very welcome.

Joining Taideyhdistys Harha ry

Pay membership fee 20 euros to Harha account IBAN: FI60 4108 0010 3792 72 and send your contact details in a e-mail to taideyhdistys.harha@gmail.com. Add your request for your nickname, so that you’re registered to Harha website.

If you want to contact us:

Taideyhdistys Harha Ry


At lunch with artist – Exhibitions at Teatteriravintola restaurant

Art society Harha and Teatteriravintola (restaurant in the City Theater) serve you free exhibition space and two free lunches to artists in the new exhibitions set in place of Theter Restaurant.

Art society Harha and Teatteriravintola has a new concept of displaying your artworks in the Theater Restaurant (Teatteriravintola).

Applying the exhibition space at Teatteriravintola

Send free application in e-mail: taideyhdistys.harha@gmail.com. Add pictures of all artworks of the coming exhibition. Pictures of your artworks has to be the same as in the exhibition you are applying for. Also greater amount of pictures than Teatteriravintola has room for is possible. Send in the message the technique, size, year of execution, price (if artworks are for sale) and the title of each artwork. Make known to which artwork these details point at.

Also make a plan of how your artworks would fit our frames. Art society Harha has 10 frames of height 50 centimeters and length 70 centimeters that you can use at Teatteriravintola. So, the maximum height of your artworks displayed is 50 cm and they should be 70 cm by length. As for paintings, they should be about same sized by height and length. You can also display smaller works of art by using passepartout in our standard frames.

Passepartouts you can find from the professional framing boutique PauMer Kehys. Commission passepartouts in good time before the exhibition opens. Each artist pays for the cost of passepartouts by his- or herself. Exhibition at Teatteriravintola is free of charge otherwise. Teatteriravintola serves two free lunches to artist and artist’s friend among the exhibition. PauMer Kehys gives -20% reduction of price to passepartouts coming to Teatteriravintola exhibition.

Available times for exhibition:

02.02.2015 – 31.03.2015
hanging on Saturday 31st of January at 7 pm – 10 pm
disassemble on Tuesday 31st of March at 5 pm – 7 pm

01.04.2015 – 30.05.2015
hanging on Tuesday 31st of March at 7 pm – 10 pm
disassemble on Thursday 30th of March at 5 pm – 7 pm

02.06.2015 – 31.07.2015
hanging on Thursday 30th of March at 7 pm – 10 pm
disassemble on Friday 31st of July at 5 pm – 7 pm


Notice this: You must hang and disassemble your exhibition in times announced above.

In co-operation with:

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